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Sport Transport Carriers

Sport Transport Carriers

If you are planning to travel soon and would like to bring your skis, snowboard or road bike to your destination, then consider renting one of our sport transport carrier. We offer soft and hard ski/snowboard cases, golf travel cases as well as heavy-duty travel cases for road and mountain bikes.

Sport Transport Carriers:

Rentals Weekend 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week
Single Ski Carrier Case $49 $69 $99 $149
Double Snowboard Carrier Case $49 $69 $99 $149
SporTube Series 1 - Skis $49 $69 $89 $99
SporTube Series 2 - Skis $59 $79 $89 $119
SporTube Series 3 - Skis / Snowbnoard $69 $89 $99 $149
Golf Travel Cases $49 $69 $89 $129
Thule RoundTrip Sport $79 $149 $199 $249
Thule RoundTrip Pro $99 $199 $249 $299

Hover mouse over the rental to view an HD image of the gear! * Prices are per day and subject to change.

Snowboard/Skis Packing Instructions:

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Send us a message with your desired sport rental equipment, pick-up date and number of days you would like to reserve the equipment for, and we will contact you shortly. Contact us Today!

Why Rent from Us:

  • Personalized professional service
  • Flexible drop off and pick-up times

Our Friendly Policy:

  • Security deposit per travel case is required.
  • The rental equipment must be returned in good condition, with normal wear and tear.
  • We reserve the right to keep any deposit if the equipment is returned in unsatisfactory condition.
  • All rental fees must be paid for in full at the time of pick-up.