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Golf Clubs Rentals

Golf Clubs Rentals

This summer, why not golf? With Exclusive Sport Rentals you can rent golf clubs for a day, weekend or a full week and head to the nearest golf club in Toronto or anywhere in Ontario. Renting golf club is a perfect solution for those who golf once a year or those who are arriving to Toronto for the weekend and don’t want to bring their golf clubs with them due to strict airline baggage restrictions.

Beginners golf clubs are by Wilson, PowerBilt, Ram, Lynx

Intermediate golf clubs are by Callaway (Edge 2022 and 2023)        

Advanced golf clubs are by TaylorMade (RBZ 2022 Speedlite) and Cobra XL (2023)      

Golf Clubs, Stand Bags and Push Carts Rentals:

Rentals Single Day Add' Day Weekend Full Week
Mens full set, 12pc (R/L) - Beginners $55 $25 $80 $115
Mens full set, 11pc (R/L) - Intermediate $75 $40 $115 $170
Ladies full set, 12pc (R/L) - Beginners $55 $25 $80 $115
Ladies full set, 11pc (R/L) - Intermediate $75 $40 $115 $170
Mens full set, 11pc (R/L) - Advanced $100 $50 $150 $300


Where to golf in Ontario:

  • Dentonia Park Golf Course - According to many golfers, Dentonia Park Golf Course is one of the finest and most challenging par 3 facilities in Ontario. It is perfect for beginners just learning the game or advanced players sharpening their short shots. Location: 781 Victoria Park.
  • Don Valley Golf Course - This is a beautiful golf course with a classic Howard Waston design. It has fairly difficult 18 holes. Location: 4200 Yonge Street.
  • Humber Valley Golf Course - Humber Valley's par 70 course challenges golfers with its combination of links and valley land holes, appealing to all ages and skill levels. It has moderately difficult 18 holes. Location: 40 Beattie Avenue.
  • Egals Nest Golf Club - Even the most seasoned golfer will find unique challenges on this course. The Egals Nest Golf Club has a perfect blend of rugged sand dunes, sod wall bunkers, fescue grasses and inconsistent breezes, making it a true experience.
  • Our golf clubs

Book your Sport Rentals

Send us a message with your desired sport rental equipment, pick-up date and number of days you would like to reserve the equipment for, and we will contact you shortly. Contact us Today!

Why Rent from Us:

  • Newer golf clubs in excellent condition.
  • Intermediate and advanced golf clubs are 2022-2023 model.
  • Group discounts available.
  • 24/7 Drop off option available.
  • We can deliver and pick-up the golf clubs to your hotel or country club.

NEW: One Month Rental

Beginners clubs are $180

Intermediate clubs are $300

Advanced clubs are $550 

NEW: Seasonal Rental

Beginners clubs are $300

Intermediate clubs are $550

Advanced clubs are $1,000 

Our Friendly Policy:

  • Pre-authorization deposit per golf clubs rental is required.