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Winter Rush

Winter Rush

Toboggan Rentals

Tobogganing is known for being one of Canada’s great traditions, and we, at Exclusive Sport Rentals, take tobogganing very seriously. Because winter without tobogganing is just not the same, we offer a wide variety of toboggans and other related equipment for rent. Suit up and hit the hills with the family! With a number of great parks, Ontario is perfect for tobogganing and we have just the right toboggans for you.

Snowshoe Rentals

Suit up and hit the trails with the family! There are many beautiful destinations in Ontario and even within the Greater Toronto Area that are perfect for snowshoeing and we have just the right snowshoes to complete your adventure. Exclusive Sport Rentals has a variety of snowshoes for all weather conditions and for all ages. You don’t need to be an expert to enjoy snowshoeing, all that is really needed are snow pants, winter jackets as well as snowshoes, and you are ready to experience winter in an entirely different way! 

Cross-Country / Nordic Ski Rentals

Did you know that there are over 120 cross-country ski areas in Ontario? Interested in spending the day cutting through fresh snow outdoors with your family and friends but don’t have Nordic skis? Don’t let this stop you from cross-country skiing this winter! Rent cross-country skis, boots, poles, winter jackets, snow pants and head out for a backcountry winter experience.

Alpine Downhill Ski Rentals

Always wanted to hit the slopes with high-end skis but never had the right skis? If you are looking to explore the snowy mountains of Ontario, then we have the right skis just for you! Our ski rentals are ideal for beginners to advanced skiers. With our ski equipment, you can initiate turns more smoothly, easily and the best part, anywhere in Ontario.

Burton Snowboard Rentals

Always wanted to hit the slopes but didn't have the right snowboard? If you are looking to explore the snowy mountains of Ontario, then we have the right snowboard rental gear just for you! We carry Burton snowboards for beginners (known as Learn-to-Ride), intermediate and for advanced snowboarders. Once you hire a snowboard, you can be assured that you will fully enjoy the snowboarding experience anywhere in Ontario or Québec. Rent Burton snowboards with bindings, boots, snow jackets, snow pants, goggles, GoPro cameras, helmets and much more!

Ice Fishing Gear Rentals

Always wanted to go ice fishing but were overwhelmed by all the necessary ice fishing equipment? Now you can finally rent ice fishing gear for a day or maybe a weekend and enjoy the chilly thrill that so many fishermen pursue during the winter months. Ice fishing in Ontario is an excellent winter activity and can also be very rewarding. Wondering where you can ice fish in Ontario? A good start would be Belwood Lake, Crater Lake, Guelph Lake and Lake Simcoe.

Winter Camping Gear Rental

Always wanted to winter camp but never had the right equipment? This winter let this dream adventure become a reality! Rent winter camping gear, including: 4 season tents, sleeping pads, cross-country skis, snowshoes, 3 season mummy sleeping bag, Snowtrekker tents and wooden stoves.

Ice Climbing Gear Rentals

Are you considering ice climbing with a group of friends in Ontario and would like to rent ice climbing gear? If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place! We have professional Alpine ice climbing gear for beginners and advanced ice climbers. Our ice climbing gear includes: La Sportiva mountaineering boots, Petzl crampons, Black Diamond ice axes, Marmot helmets and North Face backpacks.

Snow Tube Rentals

This winter, why not take the kids out and do something memorable? Exclusive Sport Rentals offers an opportunity to explore the snowy hills of Ontario in a completely different way with our snow tubing rentals. Snow tubing is a great family activity that will get you an adrenaline rush, guaranteed.

Ice Hockey Gear Rental

Why not to do something memorable with your friends? One way to keep yourself busy this winter is by renting ice hockey gear, which is available for both forward players and goalies. Our ice hockey rental equipment includes: nets, pucks, equipment bags, blockers, catchers, neck guards, helmets, pads, chest protectors, goalie sticks, goalie masks, goalie and forward player skates and sticks.

Airboard Rentals

Are you looking for new ways to experience winter? If so, consider renting the Airboard! This is a brand new winter sport available only in a few countries. But with Exclusive Sport Rentals, you can rent the Airboard inflatable sled and head to the nearest hill for extreme fun.

Snowkite Rentals

This winter, why not do something memorable? Exclusive Sport Rentals offers an opportunity to explore the snowy fields of Ontario in a completely different way. Why spend the winter at home, when you can go out and enjoy it? Our Snowkiting equipment rentals are a sure way to keep your adrenaline rushing this winter!

Snowbike Rentals

Are you looking for a heart pumping adrenaline rush as you tackle snowy downhill trails? With the snow bikes we have available for rental at Exclusive Sport Rentals, your satisfaction is virtually guaranteed. Why rent a snow bike? Our Brenter snowbikes open new doors for bike enthusiasts. Snowbiking is an unforgettable adventure you won’t want miss!

GoPro Camera Rentals

Have you ever performed a wild trick and wished you had a camera to capture the moment and show it to your friends? Well, now with a GoPro helmet camera rental you can be assured that next time you are out there on the mountain, skiing or snowboarding, you will have a camera to prove to your friends that you have actually done that extreme trick! Rent a GoPro camera for a day, weekend or a full week and head out to capture memories.

Thule Cargo Boxes / Hitch Carrier Rentals

You booked your time off from work, reserved the cottage, bought the groceries, and then you realize that you have too many items in your car. Instead of bringing less equipment, rent one of our universal flat top, cargo roof boxes or even a hitch ski carrier. Whatever your adventure, whichever your vehicle, our Thule rental carriers will get your snowboards and skis there safely, so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

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