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Thule Ski Cargo Boxes / Roof Top Snowboard Carrier Rentals

Thule Ski Cargo Boxes

You booked your time off from work, reserved a log house, bought the groceries, and then you realize that you have too many items in your car. Instead of bringing less equipment, rent one of our universal flat top, cargo roof boxes, or even a hitch ski carrier. Our Thule rental cargo carriers will get your snowboards and skis there safely, so that you can enjoy a comfortable ride.

Let our professional team help you determine which roof box will have a perfect fit with your vehicle, so that you can head to your trip safely.

Thule to Go - at your Home or Office - Exclusive New Service:

We now offer the service off mounting and setting up a Thule product, which includes a cargo box, roof rack or a hitch combi carrier at the comfort of your home or office. We understand that your lifestyle is busy, and we therefore, want to make it simple by coming to your home or workplace. Contact us at 1-855-917-7678 for a fast and efficient Thule rental at a time that suits you.

Start your Weekend Early:

  • Pick up your Thule box starting Thursday at 3:00PM and pay for just Saturday and Sunday (weekend rate)
  • Drop off your Thule roof carrier either by Sunday night or anytime on Monday (without any late fees)

Thule Cargo Boxes and Roof Top Carriers:

Rentals First Day Additional day Pay Online
Thule Transporter Combi Hitch (13 Cu. Ft.) $49 $7
634 Sonic L (13 Cu. Ft.) $49 $7
Force L (13 Cu. Ft.) $45 $9
Froce XL (17 Cu. Ft.) $59 $10
635 Sonic XL (17 Cu. Ft.) $59 $10
Atlantis 1800 (18 Cu. Ft.) $65 $10
612 Hyper XL (17 Cu. Ft.) $65 $10
626 Force XXL (21 Cu. Ft.) $69 $11
636 Sonic XXL (22 Cu. Ft.) $69 $12

Hover mouse over the rental to view an HD image of the gear! * Prices are per day and subject to change.

Thule Cargo Boxes: Dimensions, Carrying Capacity and Max Length

Rentals Dimensions Capacity Max Length
685XT Thule Atlantis 1200 81.5”L x 24.5”W x 17.0”H 5 skis / 3 boards 192cm
687XT Thule Atlantis 1800 84”L x 34.4”W x 16.9”H 8 skis / 6 boards 198cm
688BXT Thule Atlantis 2100 92.5”L x 36”W x 18”H 8 snow boards 220cm
633 Sonic Alpine (11 Cu Ft) 95”L x 27”W x 11”H 4 skis / 3 baords 230cm
623 Force Alpine (12 Cu Ft) 81.5”L x 24.5”W x 17”H 5 skis / 3 boards 200cm
636 Sonic L (13 Ct Ft) 73”L x 34”W x 16”H 8 skis / 4 boards 175cm
636 Sonic XL Roof Box (17 Cu Ft) 89”L x 34”W x 16”H 8 skis / 6 boards 201cm
636 Sonic XXL Roof Box (22 Cu Ft) 99”L x 37”W x 17”H 8 skis / 6 boards 250cm

Hover mouse over the rental to view an HD image of the gear! * Prices are per day and subject to change.

Crossroads, Podium, Gutter, Aero and Rental Rates:

Thule 450 Crossroad Bars $30 $2
Thule Podium Fit Kit 4002 (Audi Q5 and Q7) $30 $2

Hover mouse over the rental to view an HD image of the gear! * Prices are per day and subject to change.

Thule Hitch Ski Carriers, Ski / Snowboard Roof Racks and Rental Rates:

Rentals Single Day Add' Day Weekend Full Week
Hitch Ski Carrier (6 skis or 4 boards) $19 $9 $39 $49
Thule 92726 Universal Pull Top 6 $29 $9 $39 $49

Hover mouse over the rental to view an HD image of the gear! * Prices are per day and subject to change.

Book your Sport Rentals

Send us a message with your desired sport rental equipment, pick-up date and number of days you would like to reserve the equipment for, and we will contact you shortly. Contact us Today!

Why Rent from Us:

  • Brand new equipment (2014-2015)
  • NEW: Have the Thule cargo box mounted at your home or office
  • Professional installation included
  • Discounted long-term rentals
  • Flexible drop off and pick-up times
  • Full week rental includes 8 days
  • We professional fit a Thule cargo box with your specific car
  • Thule roof box is safe and secure
  • Locks and insurance are included
  • Second week rental is 50% OFF

One Month Rental

Planning a longer adventure? If so, consider renting a Thule cargo box for a full month for only $200 (cross bars are extra). Contact us today for details.

Our Friendly Policy:

  • A credit card deposit is required for all rental equipment (Visa, M/C or AMEX).
  • The equipment must be returned in good condition, with normal wear and tear.
  • We reserve the right to keep any deposit if the equipment is returned in unsatisfactory condition.
  • All rental fees must be paid for in full at the time of pick-up.